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Listen up! The mighty Praxis Bold have just dropped their first EP, Oh Sacred Surreal, over at Bandcamp, and if you call yourself a lover of music in any way, shape or form, you need to listen to it.

Which, in fact, you can do below.

It’s a beautiful thing. Dreamy melodies swirling around what is described as “alternative bodacious indie jazz synth”, which pretty much tells you all that you need to know really.

Listen to it above and then buy it, noting as you do how much the opening chords of Possibility sound like the theme from Black Books.

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Man, I love Stornoway. Partly because they write songs about Cowley Road – and I live on Cowley Road – but also because, despite being pretty weedy and not that cool, when they open their mouths and sing, whole rooms fall silent.

It’s a mark of real talent, and so I’m particularly excited about the fact that they’re coming back to their hometown of Oxford in September (supported by The Epstein, no less) and parading a whole bunch of new songs. I was late to the party on Stornoway and only saw them live last year, but when I did I realised instantly why everyone had been telling me to go for so long. They are a truly remarkable live band.

Here’s a new song entitled The Bigger Picture. It’s a beautiful thing.

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