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Listen up! The mighty Praxis Bold have just dropped their first EP, Oh Sacred Surreal, over at Bandcamp, and if you call yourself a lover of music in any way, shape or form, you need to listen to it.

Which, in fact, you can do below.

It’s a beautiful thing. Dreamy melodies swirling around what is described as “alternative bodacious indie jazz synth”, which pretty much tells you all that you need to know really.

Listen to it above and then buy it, noting as you do how much the opening chords of Possibility sound like the theme from Black Books.

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It’s been a quiet few weeks on the blog, for a few reasons.

A few weeks back a good friend of a number of people who read this died suddenly, and the ensuing weeks have been spent as far as possible trying to process that.

A lot of time has been spent simply putting my head down and trying to work, but it’s also meant that there has been minimal time to cook imaginatively, to uncover new music or to write anything about God. In fact, if anything the past few weeks have just been spent trying to survive.

Things are getting back to normal in Oxford now, in as much as that’s possible, but everything is still a little bit raw at the moment so any posts on here may be a little bit patchy over the next month or so.

I’ve mentioned it before, but this is a song that’s really been helping in this period, from John Mark McMillan’s new album. Give it a look.


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The new album by John Mark McMillan, author of How He Loves, is currently streaming over at RELEVANT magazine. Here’s a link to it – it’s a powerful album, raw and heartfelt, and also sounding like some of the best of alternative folk-rock from the past few years.

It’s as though he’s the Christian Bon Iver (if such a thing were necessary).

Lyrics are a particular strong point, like these from Seen a Darkness, summing up the album’s theme well:

The valley of the shadow knows our name

We have seen a night, but we have seen the day

Dressed in the blood of love’s hot veins

We have overcome, yes we have overcome…

Born into the grave, but born a second time

We’ve been born again…

On someone else’s dime.

McMillan has said that the album has come from personal experience with friends who have encountered death, illness, divorce, sickness and miscarriages, explaining that these experiences “crushed us but didn’t destroy us.” You can hear it in the songs, too, I think.

Let me know your thoughts on the album.

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It scarcely even needs mentioning, given that it’s clearly going to be some kind of culinary juggernaut, but if you are anywhere, anywhere at all, near Oxford then you simply have to try The Turl Street Kitchen, which should be your number one destination if you need to get coffee, lunch or late-night drinks any time in the next few weeks.

The place is gorgeously decorated and the menu (which changes by the day, so tonight was offering Ham Hock Terrine and Beef Cheek Cottage Pie, Roast Squash and Goat’s Cheese Salad and more) looks top-notch, with fine ingredients and seasonal flavours. Sadly today I couldn’t get a seat, which is always a good sign I suppose, and if you’re going to give it a shot then I’d go in prepared to share a table – which is something which certainly adds to the atmosphere. I’ll try and post a more comprehensive review in the next few weeks.

Affiliated with charity The Oxford Hub, you can find out more about the building on the BBC website here, follow them on Twitter here (worth doing, as they post menus on it) or by simply walking in on the street, if you’re feeling particularly retro – it’s just off Broad Street. As I say, the food looks rustic, hearty and delicious and the decor is fantastic, managing to transform a building which never felt particularly classy or intimate in the days when it used to be the QI club into an environment where you’d be happy to spend your evenings staring out onto Turl Street. It’s open late as well.

It’s one to watch, so get in fast.

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>> VICE VERSES – stream

The new album by Switchfoot, entitled Vice Verses and out a week Monday (26th September) is currently streaming over at ESPN (for some reason). Have a listen to it here.

I’ve heard bits of it over the past few months, and Restless in particular stands out as a terrific song. All in all it sounds like one of their best in quite a while, although unlike some I had a lot of love for Hello Hurricane.

If you can’t be bothered to follow that link, here’s Restless in video form:

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>> FOOD MUSIC GOD – the playlist

So, Food Music God now has a playlist on Grooveshark, on which you can easily stream all the music that I’ve posted on this blog if you want to play it in the background.

You can find the playlist here and I’ll keep it updated every time I add some music to the site.

Let me know any suggestions you’ve got for music to add, too…

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I’m off to work at a couple of festivals for the next couple of weeks, so if you’re around at New Wine or Soul Survivor Week B this year then the offer of a cup of coffee stands – as it has for the past few years, in fact. Give me a ring or drop me a message on the blog if you’re interested.

I’ll do my best to update this while I’m in Shepton Mallet, but they’re likely to be a pretty busy experience so I’m making no promises…

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Man, I love Stornoway. Partly because they write songs about Cowley Road – and I live on Cowley Road – but also because, despite being pretty weedy and not that cool, when they open their mouths and sing, whole rooms fall silent.

It’s a mark of real talent, and so I’m particularly excited about the fact that they’re coming back to their hometown of Oxford in September (supported by The Epstein, no less) and parading a whole bunch of new songs. I was late to the party on Stornoway and only saw them live last year, but when I did I realised instantly why everyone had been telling me to go for so long. They are a truly remarkable live band.

Here’s a new song entitled The Bigger Picture. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Outside of work, I spend most of my time thinking about a few things. Broadly speaking, they could be summed up as “food, music and God.”

So that’s what this is a blog about. It’s not really an attempt to fit those things into a theological framework, although that will almost certainly happen, more a chance to talk about things that I love.

I’ll share recipes, ingredients or food writers I’ve been particularly benefiting from, bands that I’ve come across and occasional thoughts on God.

I don’t make any promises about how often I’ll post, but if you’re interested in the idea I’d encourage you to follow the RSS feed so that you get updates as and when they come in. Feel free to contribute or comment on the effectiveness of anything on the site, too – it would be great to hear your voice.

Welcome to Food, Music, God.

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