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04 May

FullSizeRenderI haven’t written much on this blog for a while, and to be honest I wondered if I ever would again. Since becoming a teacher I’ve had so little time to do the things that I used to, let alone write about them, that I almost gave up the idea. However, lately I’ve been reminded of the importance of keeping some hobbies and interests alive, in order that teaching doesn’t become utterly all-consuming (I also watched the latest series of Masterchef, but it’s a little embarrassing to mention that as an inspiration).

Anyway, a while back I bought this, with the idea of actually applying for Masterchef some day.

This is a ridiculous dream too, because Masterchef is clearly insane, and also even if I won then being a chef looks absurdly stressful, but there you go. The book is very good, and divided up into a load of different sections such as “Aspic”, “Baking”, “Deep-frying”, “Pressure cooker”, “Souffles” etc. It will teach you how to temper chocolate, how to make a consomme, what has happened if your souffle turns into scrambled egg; everything you need to be a proper cook. I’ve actually not used it that much, though.

Still, it’s a Bank Holiday, and I need a new project, and so I’m going to cook through it. Not in order, because the first recipe in it is for something called “chaudfroid of trout”, which basically sounds like you cook a trout dinner and then encase it in fish jelly, and that’s the equivalent of reading the Bible and starting with Leviticus (gory, disgusting and confusing), but hopefully in the next couple of years.

In the process, I’ll document how I get on. There will be burns, cooking disasters, hilarity, tears, et cetera. To be honest, it’s basically the plot of 2009 Amy Adams vehicle Julie and Julia, but what are you going to do?

I’ll keep you posted on what the first recipe will be soon.

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