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The tree was a revelation;
Less striking than we had expected,
True, but silhouetted against
A blood-red sky it spoke

A better word into the darkness.
Some heard the voice, and fell, weeping
To their knees. They gathered
Together as one around the tree

And their lament rose up
From the cold ground.
Can a people so intimately
Bound up in this business of dying

Bring life to a world that stands agape
At all they have seen here?
Time will tell –
But not until we once again

Gather in this place
In the first of many days
That are soon to come.
Another day, another tree;

One can only hope that those
First watchers saw the new
World stretching ahead of them
In the dark path they would tread

On their way home.

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Do not run to all that
Appears to be glorious;
Pause, for there is a tenor
To true glory that cannot
Be heard whilst in motion.
Not that glory is found solely in
Contemplation, anything but.
Beware, nonetheless, the shallowness
Of those streams whose surfaces glint
With reflected light but where,
Beneath the surface, nothing dwells.

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