14 Aug

We come to appreciate it only gradually. First we are shocked to find that he cares enough to hold our fractured limbs straight, that he will mend the splitting seams that would otherwise rip and expose our brutal nakedness. In time, when the crisis has passed, we may come to find that we are depending on him more and more, until he becomes the rock and foundation of our lives. We will wonder at how we ever lived with out the knowledge of him. Will marvel at how he, too, holds the lives of others; intervening miraculously in not just our own but in theirs too.

Maybe we will one day come to search for the point at which this involvement ends – even if we know what we are supposed to believe – citing some mystery or tragedy as shaky evidence for our claims. But for all of our alleged counter-examples, we may in fact in our searching discover a surprising truth (albeit one that was there in front of us all along, only perhaps we did not know how to read it) – that he is the one who holds the universe, and in him all things hold together. Every mystery finds its solution in him, every prayer its answer; he is the maker of the stars and the one who walks upon the dirt of the earth.

We will come to see this in time. But for now, we are yet young.

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