13 Aug


I had this image of a man sitting at a Summer Festival in the midst of the worship, surrounded by thousands of people praising God, and feeling alone. Then it occurred to me that’s all of our experience, but it’s not a bad thing – yes, we’re around thousands of others declaring what we believe to be true, but ultimately those worship times are between us and God alone.

There’s no place for self-pity because that’s ultimately what we want, what we’re craving in being there… a personal connection with God. The point of it isn’t being part of a culture or feeling connected to one another, even if that is a benefit sometimes. The point is looking Him in the eye across a vast tent and being able to speak authentically with this God who doesn’t solely dwell amongst electric guitars or loud gatherings but also walks alongside us on the road.

A God who’s okay with us in all our flawed, distinctly UNglorious reality.

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Posted by on 13/08/2013 in God, Other


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