07 Apr

ImageAs I mentioned last post, I’m easily distracted when I get back to work, so blogging kind of slips down below doing essential tasks like tidying my room or washing the floor. But HA! I’ve worked out a way to beat the system – by writing some posts now and scheduling them to appear later. Admittedly it’s taken me nearly two years on wordpress to work out how to do this, and even then only because my fiancee taught me how (the joys of marrying someone who works in comms), but all the same: take that, indiscipline! Be vanquished, ennui! Begone, apathy!

I’m choosing to stick it to the system by recommending that you all go out and buy Esther Walker‘s excellent book The Bad Cook on Kindle, for a whole range of reasons:

1. She is an excellent writer, both about life and cooking, and will make you laugh inappropriately on a regular basis if you like either of the above things.
2. She has long been trying to get a publishing contract, and will benefit from the inevitable encouragement that will come from lots of people reading her book and then sending her enthusiastic messages about how great it is (you probably will).
3. She is writing another book at present, and is also heavily pregnant, and so may also require plenty of the above encouragement (see point 2).
4. She and her husband Giles, who is the head food critic for The Times, are pretty much unfailingly polite in replying to messages and requests on Twitter – which is quite rare in these days, especially given that they’re both quite big names.
5. It’s full of good recipes (even though the first one in there is a stew which features rose veal and bone marrow – but don’t be put off).
6. £1.99 is nothing for a cookbook, especially not a good one.

If you’re not yet sold (or even if you are) then have a look at this recipe for Lemon Surprise Pudding, which I have no desire to eat but which nonetheless made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions, especially having met plenty of people who act this way in Oxford. Also, it’s full of wisdom if you like lemon surprise puddings.

You can buy the book on Amazon here – are you convinced yet?

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One response to “>> THE BAD COOK

  1. Nichi M

    25/07/2013 at 10:38 pm

    This is wonderful Tom: both your blog, which I didn’t know about, and the Lemon Surprise Pudding lady. Whilst you may have lessened the promise of that nice crisp Mark Haddon book that is sitting on my shelf, you have replaced it with lots of lovely blog reading for my holidaying brain.


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