14 Mar
I went to see Richard Hawley a few weeks back, and on a week night, too. A mistake, maybe, as I was tired for the next fortnight, but it was incredible. I’d only heard about it a week or two before and must have got some of the last few tickets, but it was worth jumping on. I still regret the fact that I missed out on the chance to see Belle and Sebastian playing Newcastle just after “Dear Catastrophe Waitress” came out because of a AS Politics lecture that I felt I should go to. After that they changed their style, and for all the good in that, it’s never been quite the same. Plus, I still haven’t seen them on tour.
There’s a lesson here, kids. Don’t miss out on seeing your heroes when you get the chance.
Come to think of it, I am Kloot were here last week too, and they sold out. I am Kloot! The first proper gig I ever went to, and there were only 50 people there. I literally saw them from their very beginnings, and now they’ve been nominated for the Mercury prize. Shocker.
Anyway, ironically, now that I’ve finally got to see him Richard Hawley has changed his style too, and become psychedelic all of a sudden. He used to make beautiful, retro love songs about Sheffield, the kind of thing that takes your breath away, and now it’s all snarling guitars. Amazing – although the last time I heard a 9-minute guitar solo was, I think, about 1998, so it did feel like stepping back in time. Blistering walls of sound, haunting lyrics and a few old classics, though; recommended. Go and see him if he’s in town and you can get tickets, even if you have Year 10s to teach the next day.
This here was a high point, combining the best of the old with his new style.
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  1. Simon T

    20/07/2013 at 11:00 pm

    One of my favourite songs is For Your Lover Give Some Time, heard on one of Jools Holland’s mad TV shows.


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