24 Feb

This is a quick one, as I’m writing it before crawling off to bed – but I just read this in Douglas Coupland’s latest book “Player One” and it made me think. I don’t really buy all of it, but it’s definitely thought-provoking:

The crux seems to be that our lives stopped being stories. And if we are no longer to have lives that are stories, what will our lives have become? Yet seeing one’s life as a story seems like nostalgic residue from an era when energy was cheap and the story of the super-special, ultra-important individual with blogs and Google hits and a killer résumé was a conceit that the planet was still able to materially support. In the New Normal, we need to strip ourselves of notions of individual importance. Something new is arising that has neither interest in nor pity for souls trapped in twentieth century solipsism. Non-linear stories? Multiple endings? No loading times? It’s called life on earth. Life need not be a story, but it does need to be an adventure.

Do you agree? Coupland is a shrewd cultural observer, but it seems like a bleak view to take as a Christian. Or maybe it’s just that we need a new, more community-focussed way of viewing faith, too – I could get behind that, certainly.

I don’t know if I believe that my life is a story, but I still believe that it’s part of a bigger story, this movement of people that I reckon God has been working through for centuries. 

That said, given my background, I would do. So what do you think?

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