25 Jan

Thank the Lord for Esther Walker, writer of what is indisputably my favourite cookery blog (the superb Recipe Rifle, which I have recommended repeatedly and which you should go and read here).

This post is about the best curry in the world. I don’t see much point in reprinting it here, given that it’s incredibly long and Esther’s description is wittier than mine anyway, but it is everything that it was advertised as and more. I have others who can vouch for this too. It was certainly the best curry that I have ever made.

It’s a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe, and the dish is called Murgh Makhani (or Butter Chicken), and you should go and stock up on ingredients for it tomorrow, because take it from me – I think you’ll thank me for it.

Although the blog makes a fuss about how long the list of ingredients is, I actually had the majority of this in the house already. Even fenugreek, which it turns out is a real pain to bash up in a pestle and mortar.

I promise you. If you cook this, then you will find yourself cooking it again. People will ask you to cook it again. So go. Do it now. What are you still waiting for?

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