06 Oct

I’m feeling a bit retro today, so here’s David Gray‘s classic tune Please Forgive Me – which is one of those songs that I have yet to get bored of, despite having played it literally hundreds of times.

It seems to me like White Ladder is just one of those albums – everyone has them – that sticks with me, even over a decade on from first hearing it. I don’t know what yours are, but at least for me, this seems to have, over time, defined an era, a mood and, in hindsight, the moment when I discovered that I really loved music. What was it that did that for you?

I think this is a radio edit with slightly more strings, which differs a little from the album version:


Posted by on 06/10/2011 in Music


3 responses to “>> PLEASE FORGIVE ME

  1. thepygmygiant

    07/10/2011 at 10:02 am

    Really? David Gray changed your life??
    I do have this album, but… these are the two mighty bands of the mid-90s who first rescued me from the Spice Girls:
    I was so excited when they did this duet. You probably don’t even remember this. x

  2. Tom

    07/10/2011 at 3:31 pm

    Hmm – maybe “changed my life” is a bit strong. I certainly wasn’t aware of it at the time; all the same, though, the nostalgia that this evokes certainly marks it out as significant, if only in retrospect.

    I can’t imagine picking up an Oasis album with the same fondness. And as for Cerys – i knew of her, but only about a decade later, sadly. You have good taste.

  3. linus

    16/10/2011 at 3:04 pm

    I love how Cerys blazed a trail for singers who don’t hide their accent in their singing voice. Singing along to Road Rage is excellent fun, and we might never have had the Futureheads or Lily Allen without Catatonia. Well worth checking out some of Ms Matthews’ recent forays into folk music too. Space will always have a place in my heart for lending You and me against the world to Shooting Fish – just a perfect match. White Ladder kinda passed me by, but Sell, Sell, Sell by the same guy would probably produce an equivalent effect for me and comes highly recommended as far as i’m concerned.


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