04 Oct

It scarcely even needs mentioning, given that it’s clearly going to be some kind of culinary juggernaut, but if you are anywhere, anywhere at all, near Oxford then you simply have to try The Turl Street Kitchen, which should be your number one destination if you need to get coffee, lunch or late-night drinks any time in the next few weeks.

The place is gorgeously decorated and the menu (which changes by the day, so tonight was offering Ham Hock Terrine and Beef Cheek Cottage Pie, Roast Squash and Goat’s Cheese Salad and more) looks top-notch, with fine ingredients and seasonal flavours. Sadly today I couldn’t get a seat, which is always a good sign I suppose, and if you’re going to give it a shot then I’d go in prepared to share a table – which is something which certainly adds to the atmosphere. I’ll try and post a more comprehensive review in the next few weeks.

Affiliated with charity¬†The Oxford Hub, you can find out more about the building on the BBC website here, follow them on Twitter here (worth doing, as they post menus on it) or by simply walking in on the street, if you’re feeling particularly retro – it’s just off Broad Street. As I say, the food looks rustic, hearty and delicious and the decor is fantastic, managing to transform a building which never felt particularly classy or intimate in the days when it used to be the QI club into an environment where you’d be happy to spend your evenings staring out onto Turl Street. It’s open late as well.

It’s one to watch, so get in fast.

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One response to “>> THE TURL STREET KITCHEN

  1. Simon T

    04/10/2011 at 9:55 pm

    Walked past this today, and looked enviously through the window – it looked great, so glad to have your vote of confidence too!


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