13 Sep

I read this quotation from Jacques Ellul this morning in Graham Tomlin’s marvellous book The Provocative Church and it got me thinking. He’s talking about the role of Christians in the world:

Of course he can always immerse himself in good works, and pour out his energy in religious or social activities, but all this will have no meaning unless he is fulfilling the only mission with which he has been charged by Jesus Christ, which is first of all to be a sign…

There’s a lengthy extended quote that builds upon it which follows, but I won’t reprint that here, because that alone certainly got me wondering about two things – firstly, whether he’s right, and secondly, if so, what sort of sign Christians are to the world.

So, then. Those two questions: is Ellul right, and if so, what sort of world do Christians demonstrate the Kingdom of God to be? What are your thoughts?

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Posted by on 13/09/2011 in God, Other


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